Koronaawiris’ awareness campaign
Posters and notes that come out of the most incredible workshops:
those of the hyphen that unite our profuse desires to act, to resist
the time that stops, to take care of each other.
Taking joint responsibility, hand in hand with artists and young
translators, in short, the bearers of witnesses, in a social and
global context as problematic as it is promising.  And, for once, go beyond the splendor of beautiful speeches.
Understand to act and act for understanding. Assuming individually, responding together. That is what the Koroonawiris campaign is all about. Thank you for taking care of it.
Special thanks to Lusmore Dauda and Elisa Armas who are inaugurating this series. They successfully open the way for other artists and talents with whom we already have an appointment in the near future, in which we want to speak all the languages of the sub-region. Call for translators. Join us!




Panel Citoyen GAEC Africa - Saint Louis, 23 juillet 2023

Le programme Ndar Dèmb ak Tay reçoit Baba Badji, poète et écrivain, Professeur à l'Université de Rutgers, dans le cadre de sa résidence d'écriture au GAEC-Afrique. Ce Panel Citoyen sur l'Afrique qui (nous) attend et que nous attendons, est organisé avec : le projet Dakar Translation Symposium, l'ONG Hahatay, le laboratoire POEME, Rutgers Global, l'UASZ, Rutgers Institute for the Study of Global Racial Justice, l'UCAD, NYU Global Inclusion, Diversity and (...)