The Gaec-Africa seminars were established in 2020, with the objective of:

  • Reverse the trend of the general decrease in student academic standards, in particular by offering complimentary training rooted in critical theory, Pan-africanism, decolonial thought, and the American black radical tradition.
  • Bringing academic spaces closer to tangible community experiences, including the development of common spaces for the co-production of knowledge that gives a prominent place to popular deliberation.
  • Gaec-Africa’s seminars are gatherings open to all audiences, in locations that are not exclusively academic and with working languages that do not exclude national languages.
  • The co-production of knowledge in our seminars is based on intergenerational transmission, peer education, itinerancy among knowledge spaces, and the diversity of sources, methods, and modalities of learning.
  • Gaec-Africa’s seminars are also organized following all kinds of popular and festive gatherings commonly held in the public space.
  • Acting on the quality of public and societal debates: enabling the socially committed young and not-so-young to make their own independent and critical way through the challenges and debates that permeate our societies and the major shifts in the global world.
  • Promoting epistemic justice: promoting pluralism in the modes of production and validation of knowledge, notably by giving full place to oralities, arts, and crafts in the processes of writing, informing, archiving, and transforming that take place in our societies.
  • Be ready for the demographic dividend: produce quality human resources by 2060, capable of accurately identifying the stakes involved in the ‘Africa in/and the world’ issue.

The activities carried out in the framework of the Gaec-Africa seminars will contribute to the development of: Books series and journal articles; Podcast, films, theaters; Raw materials for campaigns, festival, exhibition, popular workshops; Reports and Policy briefs for communities

The range of seminars organized by Gaec-Africa

• The Annual Seminar

This seminar is organized to enable all audiences to understand how Africa is integrated into the world economy and international strategic issues. This seminar deals with the relations between Africa and Euramerica; Africa and Asia; Africa and the black diasporic world; Africa and the Arab and Turkish world. This seminar aims, also, at strengthening the theoretical and documentary capacities of Africans students, based in Africa, in the fields of critical theory, decolonial studies, feminist studies, liberation theology, and African and diaspora history studies.

• The ad hoc seminar

This seminar is organized whenever necessary to enable the public in general, and pupils and students, to better understand the problems posed by the course of local, national, regional, and international news. Our ad-hoc seminars also involve collaborative research seminars, as well as the organization of pop-ips museums, as spaces and tools for knowledge production




Panel Citoyen GAEC Africa - Saint Louis, 23 juillet 2023

Le programme Ndar Dèmb ak Tay reçoit Baba Badji, poète et écrivain, Professeur à l'Université de Rutgers, dans le cadre de sa résidence d'écriture au GAEC-Afrique. Ce Panel Citoyen sur l'Afrique qui (nous) attend et que nous attendons, est organisé avec : le projet Dakar Translation Symposium, l'ONG Hahatay, le laboratoire POEME, Rutgers Global, l'UASZ, Rutgers Institute for the Study of Global Racial Justice, l'UCAD, NYU Global Inclusion, Diversity and (...)